Who We Are

First Baptist Church was established in Nacogdoches, Texas in 1884. Faithful people throughout these years joined hands and hearts in working together to make our church what it is today. We are a loving body of believers from all ages and walks of life.

We have a staff, led by Dr. Noel Dear, who are dedicated to the Lord and who lead us in the various ministries our church has to offer. We hope this site gives you the information you may need to become acquainted with our staff and the ministries and programs our church offers. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us! 936-564-7379, , or send a message through our Facebook Page.

We invite you to worship with us Sunday mornings at our new time, 10:15am. Should the Lord impress it upon your heart to be a part of our church family, we would consider it a blessing!

What We Believe

According to Scripture, a disciple (a fully devoted follower of Christ) is someone who…

What does it mean that a disciple is someone who loves God?

In our context, loving God means a person has responded to the Lord’s offer of forgiveness and salvation by trusting in Jesus Christ alone and surrendering one’s life to his lordship. Further, to love God means a person loves worship, loves studying and meditating on God’s word, and has a heart to honor God with holy living.

What does it mean that a disciple is someone who loves people?

The Christian life was never meant to be lived in isolation. Almost all of the instructions for Christian living in the New Testament require a Christian to be in close fellowship with other Christians. This is an important element to being a disciple of Christ. Christians should be engaged with other Christians in Bible study, ministry, prayer and support.

What does it mean that a disciple is someone who serves the body?

The church is a place of service and ministry. A fully devoted follower of Christ will have a place of service with his or her faith family, the church (often called the body of Christ in the Bible). Much mutual joy and encouragement come from serving alongside brothers or sisters in Christ through the local church. There are many opportunities to serve at First Baptist from choir and orchestra, to age-group ministries, to the prayer room. There are places for everyone.

What does it mean that a disciple is someone who serves the world?

The Bible commands us to work to make disciples all over the world. A fully devoted follower of Christ will find ways to serve, support, or pray for the work of missions as our church seeks to be obedient to the great commission and share the good news of Christ around the world.