Series: Rebuttal: True Answers to Hard Questions

Why Doesn't God Stop All Suffering

August 23, 2020 | Noel Dear

Passage: Luke 13:1-5

If God is so powerful and so wonderful, why do people suffer? Why are people killed in car accidents or storms? Why are there fire ants, Novel Corona viruses, staph infections, malignancies? In this message, we will ask the hard questions about suffering and find in the Bible the answers that satisfy both the intellect and the heart.

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Do Christians have answers to the world's hardest questions? Does the Bible address modern concerns? In this message series, we will ask the most difficult questions the world is asking. We will see how just how relevant and true the Bible is. And we will even see how, while there are intellectual answers to each of these questions, the only truly satisfying answer is Christ.

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