Series: Rebuttal: True Answers to Hard Questions

Did God Really Create the World?

August 30, 2020 | Noel Dear

Passage: Genesis 1:1

Could the creation story in Genesis be true? Did God really create the world through his supernatural power and divine will? Or does that idea fly in the face of proven scientific facts? In this message, we will learn the surprising truth from Genesis 1:1. There is so much more to that verse than most people realize. The God of the Bible is a great and powerful God, and the Bible is infallible in its every assertion! Join us as we answer this difficult question and praise our Father for his mighty works.

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Do Christians have answers to the world's hardest questions? Does the Bible address modern concerns? In this message series, we will ask the most difficult questions the world is asking. We will see how just how relevant and true the Bible is. And we will even see how, while there are intellectual answers to each of these questions, the only truly satisfying answer is Christ.

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