Series: Rebuttal: True Answers to Hard Questions

Did God Really Create Life?

September 06, 2020 | Noel Dear

We hear so much today about how evolution explains the living world; how it explains the diversity of living creatures; and how it explains the origin of human life. Well, what does the Bible say? Are we just highly evolved apes or are we created in the image of God? How does a Christian embrace the biblical account and all the contradictory claims we often hear?

In this message we will take a close look at both the biblical message and the scientific theories, and learn how to answer these difficult questions.

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Do Christians have answers to the world's hardest questions? Does the Bible address modern concerns? In this message series, we will ask the most difficult questions the world is asking. We will see how just how relevant and true the Bible is. And we will even see how, while there are intellectual answers to each of these questions, the only truly satisfying answer is Christ.

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