Please fill out the form online or print a PDF and return it to the church.
Submit pictures using the link below.
The church staff is available to assist you in any way. Please call the church office if you have questions at 936-564-7379.



Submit Pictures

Photo Submission Info

  • Family photo is optional.
  • Photo(s) must be submitted using this link.
  • Photo booths are available at the church throughout the months of May and June.
  • Photographers will not be provided. Please use your own phones or other photography equipment to take the picture.
  • All photos should be set to the highest quality print.
  • When submitting your photo, include a list of persons in the photo in order of appearance left to right, back to front.
  • If your photo includes children over the age of 18, a signed consent is required of that/those individual(s).
Photo Parameters:
  • Professional formal portraits are not required, but all photos must be appropriate for publication.
  • Photos taken by professional photographers must be accompanied by a written statement of permission to publish by the photographer.
  • Photos should only include the family, family members, or individuals listed in the directory.
  • T-shirts with inappropriate verbiage or corporate logos will not be included.
  • Head coverings discouraged.
  • No pets included.
  • No filters (such as SnapChat).
  • Photos can be one of the following file types: JPG, PNG, TIF, HEIC or GIF (A GIF photo will typically be low resolution and not good for a print directory.)