Testimony Challenge

April 23, 2020

We are encouraging our entire church to share their testimonies online! Watch this video from Mark and Meredith McLendon about it.

Tips for Videoing Your Testimony:

  1. Turn your phone horizontally. (that means turn your phone longways)
  2. Try to use have solid background behind you or at least not “too busy”. Make sure there is enough light. Natural light is best.
  3. Start and stop the video with an extra second before and after recording so we can catch every word you say
  4. Begin and end your video with “ This is my hope, this is my story”.
  5. Make sure you use the hashtags: #fbcnac and #myhope #mystory on your social media accounts. This will help us in the future (you can search videos by hashtags and we can see all of the testimonies. This will be a huge gift to those who come behind us. We are leaving our testimony for the generations to come!!
  6. IF you DON’T HAVE FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM you can still record your story. Send it to a family member or a friend who has Facebook and let them put it on their Facebook. We may have to wait until after we come back together and get Jonathan or another staff member to help you transfer it but at least you will have it on your phone!
  7. If you don’t have video capabilities on your phone. You can record the audio. You can publish the written testimony by email or facebook. If you have a family member that still comes to visit you, you can ask them to record it on their phone.
    Be creative! 

When in doubt call the church and we can help you upload and hashtag correctly. 936-564-7379

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