There are many places that university students can find to be a part of and then commit their college years to. From fraternities and sororities to campus clubs and even just their studies. First Baptist is a church committed to reaching these college students. Our desire is to help them find what so many are looking for... purpose and reason.

Many are searching for God's will for their life and we hope that we can help them to find that and grow in their faith and relationship with Christ. FBC is a great place for university students to be involved. There are Bible Studies, ministry opportunities, mission trips, conferences, and much more to be a part of.

Come by and join us on Sunday mornings for Bible Study at 10:15 in The Basement, Community Groups on Sunday Nights at 7:30pm and then Tuesday nights at 8pm for 24:7 at the SFA BSM. Take a look around the site then come and see what is going on at FBC. We look forward to meeting you!

Have questions?  Contact Bobby Smith -   or call 936-564-7379.