Evening Worship


Evening Worship

Sunday Nights at 6:00pm in the Sanctuary.

Ask any child who has been faithful in VBS and Sunday School through the years, "how many Gods there are," and you will hear them express much confusion. They want to say there is one God because that is what they have been taught. But they also want to say that there are two Gods because they have also been taught that Jesus is God. Some more precocious kids will say there may be three Gods as they consider the divinity of the Holy Spirit.

What if you ask an adult who has been a long-time church attender? Well, often you hear the same confusion just with better language and a more nuanced (and guarded) reply. So, what does the Bible actually teach about the Trinity? In the normal way of counting, how many Gods are there? Why is this not more straight forward? And what do the answers tell us about God's nature and our relationship with him?

In this Bible study we will search for the answers to these questions and discover the amazing Bible truth of the Trinity.